Low energy consumption.high efficiency and low waste.

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toptech tianjin toptech co.,ltd

Automatic Spray Equipment

high automatization

The Automatic Profile Spraying Machine is specially designed for spraying all kinds od material. This machine has high automatization; symmetrical spraying surface; accurate control; high efficiency and high cost performance. It is suitable for UV, PU, PE, NV, etc. It has UV lacquer reclaiming equipment to reduce waste. It can be used alone and also can be equipped with line drier to make the work piece dried as soon as spraying finished.

Machine Specification

This machine can be applied to the surface spraying of a variety of flat plate, such as wood, plastic, metal, solar glass, etc. The production come out from this machine can be applied to the wall heat preservation and decoration. The working pieces are easy assembling and disassembling as per the design of the building. This machine can connect to the PLC directly and we will provide the control programming code. Fully automatically control PLC board is optional for this machine and it is easy control by workers.

solve these problems

1.such as serious shortage of spray personnel, 2.low efficiency of manual operation, 3.serious color difference, 4.pervading smog in workshop. 5.Low energy consumption.high efficiency and low waste. It enhances substantially the productive force and competitiveness to create the maximum production profits.

about us

Tianjin toptech Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise, which integrates product research, manufacturing and distribution by virtue of Germany advanced technique. It specializes in the research and production of industrial robot, automatic production line, industrial control system project, etc. It supplies automatic solution in the filed of automobile, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical, fertilizer, steel, etc. All in all, it assists the clients to build smart factory and easily master Industry 4.0.

Automatic Spray Equipment from China

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